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Metal Frame Wrap

Floating aluminum metal frame

Floating metal frame 16x20.
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We have several framing options that do not feature a glass cover.  Aluminum metal frames are described below and solid hardwood frames are also available. You can also order a flat mount print and purchase a frame elsewhere.

Floating frame wrap

For this the print is first dry-mounted to black MighyCore board as with several of our products, then the outer edge of the print is wrapped around the edge similar to our Gallery Wrap Elite but here it is only 1/2 inch deep. Then the mounted print is suspended in the front opening of a high quality aluminum frame. From the figure below you can see that the edge of the print is separated by a small distance from the frame, hence the term "floating frame".

Alternative edge treatments

Instead of wrapping the print around the edge of the board, we can trim the mounted print so the black edge of the MightyCore board is visible in the gap between the print and the frame. This is our former mounting method and is shown on this photo.

If you do not want a floating mount, we can hide the edge behind the front of the moulding. In this case the print will be set back about 1/8 inch from the front edge of the frame.

These alternative mountings are available at the same price, but we think you will like the floating wrap mount better. Since the floating wrap option is the default when you place your order, you need to enter your desire for alternative edge treatment in the special instructions box.

Color and size

The aluminum moulding we use is Nielsen Bainbridge 117 with 32 colors available as shown at bottom of this page. We presently stock only 117-21 (matte black) but we can obtain others in a few days. You can specify the color on the options page. Since we order special colors in small quantity and have to pay shipping to us, we charge more for them.

The mouldings are 1-5/16 inch deep and 7/16 inch wide. The color is uniform over the sides and front. The forged texture is only on the front.