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Certificate of authenticity

What is a CoA?

  • Record of facts about print
  • Stays with print for decades and centuries
  • Allows future owners to authenticate
  • Provided free with every print at IndianaArtistPrints.com

Prints from IndianaArtistPrints.com should last hundreds of years. We want to make sure that future generations have enough information about the print to appreciate it and to authenticate it. We provide a free Certificate of Authenticity (CoA) which is just a compilation of facts about the print. You can customize the CoA by choosing which paragraphs to include in the copy that goes with the print (if you sell it or give it to someone), while keeping a copy with all information for your records.

Although the law may not be enforced, some states require that you include a CoA when you sell a work of art.


Example of a certificate of authenticity