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Coating protects from fading and scratches

Glamour II

  • Works well with Canvas, SmoothPhotoCloth, and Fine art paper
  • Matte or gloss
  • Offers good protection from physical damage

Print Shield

  • The only coating for Luster and Metallic photo papers
  • Works on Canvas and Fine art paper but offers much less protection against physical damage
  • Has little effect on the surface texture and reflectivity of the paper

Both coatings provide protection from

  • UV light
  • Moisture and humidity
  • Abrasion
  • Air-born contaminants

Glamour II Giclée Veneer

We apply this coating to mounted prints on our Canvas, SmoothPhotoCloth, and Fine art paper at no extra charge. Glamour™ II has been developed by Breathing Color to protect, preserve and enhance fine art and photographic prints. It is a non-yellowing, water-based, perfectly clear varnish that enhances the color of pigmented inks on matte media and increases resistance to UV light that causes image fading. It will also protect your expensive prints against moisture and abrasion. You can find more information on this product at Breathingcolor.com. This coating is optional on unmounted prints, but is not needed if you will frame behind glass.

Matte or gloss

We can coat with either matte or gloss Glamour II. We recommend a gloss coating so your print will have the deepest blacks and brightest colors. The matte shows no reflections from lights and windows, but there will be less contrast and dull colors lacking brilliance. The gloss does show glare and reflections but much less than that from glass or photo papers. The gloss works especially well if you have mainly overhead lighting and no windows or if you mostly view your print at night. Please specify your preference when placing your order.

Photo paper

PremierArt Print Shield is a lacquer-based spray designed specifically for all ink jet prints. It offers protection from light, water, moisture, airborne contaminants, and fingerprints. Testing by Wilhelm Imaging Research indicated significant increases in print permanence ratings. We use this on our Luster photo paper, Metallic photo paper, and, only if requested, on our Fine art paper and Canvas. The Print Shield has little effect on the surface properties of the paper: The Luster paper remains glossy with deep blacks and bright colors. The Fine art paper and Canvas retain their matte look and retain their feel and texture, with deeper blacks and brighter colors compared to the matte Glamour II. Most choose Glamour II for Canvas and Fine art paper because of the better protection against physical damage that can happen without glass cover.