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Your print on Luster or Metallic photo paper

Luster photo paper

Advantages of photo paper

  • Shows high detail
  • Shows bright colors and deep blacks
  • Works with all of our mountings except Gallery wrap elite
  • Luster is less expensive


  • Shows reflections
  • Not as durable as canvas and SmoothPhotoCloth
  • Metallic is more expensive
  • Metallic is easily damaged by handling

Prints on Luster photo paper look similar to the small ones that you receive from your standard photo lab. The prints show rich, saturated colors, deep blacks, and great detail. Prints show excellent water-resistant properties, and there is no loss of gloss across the surface, even in areas with heavy ink coverage.

Metallic photo paper

This paper has a silver tone and very high gloss so photos look like they are printed on metal. The metal look is mainly in the whites and color reduces the affect so this paper is especially well suited to black and white images.


Although much different in composition from photo paper, our SmoothPhotoCloth with a heavy coating of gloss Glamour II veneer looks very much like glossy photo paper. Advantages are increased durability and compatibility with gallery wrap.

The matte vs. blacks compromise

With all papers there is a trade-off between a Matte (non-reflective) surface and the highest D-max (deep dark blacks). The price you pay for good blacks and rich saturated colors in photo paper is more reflections from lights and windows in the room. You should choose a paper and coating based on which is more important for you -- deep blacks and bright colors or reduced glare.

Luster (eSatin) vs. glossy paper

Luster paper, also called eSatin, shows less reflections compared to high gloss paper and does not show fingerprints. When you hold it up to the light it sparkles.  Choose our metallic paper if you want high gloss.

Mountings for photo paper

The photo papers work well for Flat mount, Floating mount, metal frame, and Box mount and can optionally be wrapped for any of these mountings.