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Gallery wrap sides

The sides for your Gallery Wrap Elite on Canvas or SmoothPhotoCloth add a new dimension to your print, and are an opportunity to be creative.  We have pictured 8 options for the sides below and we can make variations and combinations.

Note that the depth for Gallery Wrap Elite can range up 4 inches!

Click on the images to make them larger and to read our comments. Note that these are simulations, not photos of actual prints.


Gallery wrap with black sides. We wrap the image a small amount so you don't see the black sides from the front. Gallery wrap with white sides. Note that the top of the print will collect dust and, although you can clean it, white will show dust more than other options. Gallery wrap has color sides with added texture. The color can come from anywhere in the image (specify on options page). Gallery wrap with color sides and same color border on the front. We can adjust the border to any width and give it a smooth edge.
Black sides White sides Color sides Color border

Gallery wrap with cloned background on the sides. The is not always realistic as here on the bottom. It works best if there is at least some background all around the main subject. Gallery wrap with the original image wraping around the sides. For this you need to frame your shot to leave enough space all around your main subjects. Gallery wrap with blurred image wrap. This keeps the same colors but removes the detail. Gallery wrap with mirror sides. 
This works suprisingly well for most photos. We would usually remove things like the detached arm on the sides and the head on the top.
Clone background Image wrap Blur image wrap Mirror sides