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Gallery Wrap Kit

Gallery Wrap Kit on Lyve Canvas

25x40 Gallery Wrap Kit for Tony Monaco (click for detail)

These gallery wraps on canvas look almost identical to our Gallery Wrap Elite; however, they are stretched on a wood frame and so are not supported in the middle. We attach two sides, then cut and mark for the other two sides. Assembly takes only a few minutes and the final product has our usual 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Comparison with Gallery Wrap Elite

We offer our Gallery Wrap Elite in sizes up to only 32x44x2 inches. Above that shipping is very expensive, so we are now offering this kit which ships inexpensively in a tube. The Elite is supported over the whole print by MightyCore board whereas the Kit is stretched on a wood frame and is not supported in the middle. The Kit has corner braces that can be tapped with a hammer to stretch the canvas tight without wrinkles. Both are printed on our premium Lyve Canvas by Breathing Color and have a heavy coat of gloss or matte Glamour II coating. In both cases we can provide any size up to the maximum to a fraction of an inch. The maximum gallery wrap kit size is 40x80 inches. The depth out from the wall is fixed at 1.75 inches. Both products come with a hanging wire and glue dots for the corners to keep it straight on the wall.


We lay out the bars then connect two of them and trace around the other two. We staple on the back because we do not trust that the adhesive on the sides will last a long time and also the sides look better if they are not cut. The only tools you will need are a hammer and staple gun. We can sell you a staple gun for $10 if you do not have one or you can buy one in any homeowner store. The stapling is easy because the adhesive tape on the sides of the bars holds the canvas tight. You can read our detailed assembly instructions.

Gallery Wrap Kit on Lyve Canvas

25x40 Gallery Wrap Kit back view (click for detail)