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Your print on SmoothPhotoCloth™

Advantages of SmoothPhotoCloth™

  • Shows fine detail
  • Very durable
  • Protected with heavy Matte or gloss coating
  • Available with stick and peel backing adhesive


  • Long lasting but not as archival as fine art paper
  • Does not work well with our box mount product

Our SmoothPhotoCloth™ has a very fine weave and a bright white ink receptive coating. This fabric gives you vivid, sharp prints with brilliant colors. This is a great alternative to Canvas for Gallery wraps and also works well with all of our other mountings except Box mount. It adsorbs a lot of ink so with gloss coating the colors are bright and blacks are very dark. Because of the very thin synthetic backing, this cloth is partly transparent and looks great when lit from behind. The fabric body is 130 gsm Terylene only 6 mil thick.

Gallery Wrap Dazzle

A gallery wrap mounting with LED lights behind it! Great for dark basements and hallways. Easy to change out the image...more

Very durable with coating

The durability of the this cloth with coating is as good or better than canvas and better than fine art paper and luster photo paper.

Smooth surface

In contrast with Canvas, the SmoothPhotoCloth weave is very tight and has little texture so it will show every detail and not conflict with the texture of your image.

Very bright whites

PreLume technology visually enhances prints by providing a white point that is brighter, whiter, and lasts considerably longer than substrates whitened with optical brighteners. Optical brighteners will turn yellow when exposed to UV light or moisture. White areas of your print are whiter (110 CIE) compared to our Lyve Canvas (96 CIE). None of our print media except our photo papers have optical brighteners.


We apply the same Glamour II coating to this cloth as we use for canvas. With coating it can have either a matte (non-reflecting) or gloss (reflecting) surface. With a heavy gloss coating it will "pop" like glossy photo paper. Without coating it shows very deep blacks, but is less fade resistant and soils and scuffs easily.