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Flat mount - Frame ready prints

Flat mount with Canvas wrapped around the sides

Photo by Jonathan Marks

Here your print is mounted to very heavy duty 1/4" black MightyCore board which will not warp. If you do not want the sides of the board to show, we can wrap the print around the sides for any of our print media. There are several great ways to display Flat mount prints described below.

Float mounting option

We can provide a hanging wire on the back so you can hang on a standard hook and nail. In this case the print will stand out from the wall about 1 inch. This is very similar to our floating mount but at lower cost and without a full box on the back. It works great up to about a 16x24 inch size.

Picture wall with hook-loop coins

Borderless photos printed on matte paper in the 8x10 to 16x20 size range look great when attached directly to the wall in a group. A good way to do this is to screw some wood strips to the wall and attach the prints to them so the prints stand out from the wall.  The prints are fastened using hook-loop "coins" that we provide. These can be removed from the wall usually without damaging paint in case you ever want to remove the pictures. We suggest a uniform print size and will give you a uniform placement of coin fasteners.  This way you can easily change out one or more pictures if you want to display new ones. We provide detailed instructions for making your picture wall.

How to display a Flat mount print

  • Mount several together directly on a wall with provided hook-loop fasteners
  • Install horizontal wood strips on the wall and mount to them
  • Place in a frame you purchase elsewhere
  • Stand to display on a table
  • Professionals: Make several sizes as shown above to help your clients choose how large to print

Ready to frame

You can purchase a ready-made frame at a local store beforehand and order your flat mount print without wrap to a size that will fit. For the best viewing experience we recommend that you use neither the mat nor the glass that came with the frame. If you want a mat-look border, we can print one for you. Be sure to give us the exact size of the frame opening. We find this option works best for canvas with gloss coating.

Removable blocks

This works especially well if you hang your print in a gallery for sale. Three blocks about 2 inches square by 1 inch deep are attached to the back of your print with hook-loop coins. The top center block has a plastic hanger to hook on a nail. Your customer can then leave the blocks for a floating-mount look or can remove them for framing or for flat-mount on the wall.

Self-standing display

For small prints we will place a folding stand on the back so the print will stand on a horizontal surface. You can select this option before adding to cart.