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Gallery Wrap Dazzle backlit prints

Gallery Wrap Dazzle with LED light on and off

Gallery Wrap Dazzle with LED light on and off

Finally an affordable backlit light box to make your print stand out above the rest! With the lights off it looks like a traditional gallery wrap only with smooth cloth instead of canvas. With the lights on your print has a fabulous glow right to the edge that will impress everyone! Great way to light your basement hangout!

Our exclusive Dazzle mounting

Your photo is giclée printed on smooth SmoothPhotoCloth and wrapped around the sides of a MightyCore box that is open on the front. Several rows of LED lights are attached to the back of the 2.25-inch-deep box to light up your print. We provide a power adapter that plugs into the wall outlet and a remote control dimmer. The 12V white wire from the adapter to the print can be hidden behind the wall.

Be creative with the sides

Our Photoshop artist prepares the sides for you with your choice of eight options or a combination of them. Although image wrap is popular, this often crops the photo too much as viewed from the front. In this case we can clone the background or apply a mirror image of the border of your print. Solid color sides or a blurred image are also good choices.

You can change the image

Gallery Wrap Dazzle

  • Pigment inks on SmoothPhotoCloth
  • Backlit with LED lights
  • Remote control dimmer
  • LEDs draw only 2 to 12 watts for a 16x24 print
  • Optional timer
  • Over 50,000 hours LED life
  • All archival materials (no wood)
  • Protective coating gloss or matte
  • Any size up to 36x90 inches
  • Depth is 2.25 inches or larger
  • Sides can be your image, solid color, cloned from the front, or mirror wrap. See 8 examples

The image is stretched and held tight to the back with tape. It takes about 10 minutes for you to remove the old one and stretch on a new print. We provide detailed instructions.

Long-lasting low-power LEDs

The LEDs will last over 6 years of continuous use at full brightness and draw only 12 watts for a 16x24" print. It comes with a remote control on/off/dimmer that will work from anywhere in the room. Since you probably do not want it on all the time, we can also provide an optional digital timer that will turn it on and off at times you choose. Or leave the brightness turned low at night -- it makes a great night light.