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Richard Hammer

Richard Hammer

The last time I put a resume together it included such disparate career choices as: Masonry Contractor (Winona Lake, Indiana), Head of Maintenance at a Christian camp (Gladwin, Michigan), Public Works Employee (Homer, Alaska), and Director of Facility Services at a retirement community (Frankfort, Indiana). The fourteen years preceding my own retirement were spent teaching the Building Trades program at Frankfort Senior High School. With the notable exception of my tenure in the confined space of a retirement community office, the one link between these careers was the opportunity to spend a significant amount of my time outdoors.

Through my interest and involvement in photography I have discovered a very fulfilling means of expressing myself artistically. But more importantly, photography is the permission I give myself to explore the stunning extravagance of the Creator’s handiwork, seeking out those places and experiencing those moments so filled with wonder that the most profoundly articulate word I can utter is, “WOW!” And, in the end, if one of my images is able to communicate even a hint of the awe I experienced while capturing it, I believe I have succeeded as a photographer. 

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