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Janet Fox Elmore

Janet Fox Elmore

I have worn many hats – math teacher, computer programmer, wife, mother, artist. At all times clay has been a part of my life.

My pieces are usually functional; there is beauty in serviceability. Production is in two phases. First the soft, malleable clay is made into the desired form. I often use an extruder to form the body and then throw attachments. At other times I allow the clay to firm up and build from the “slabs.” Later I apply the decorations which are influenced by features in nature.

In recent years I have been experimenting with polymer clay, a medium which allows me to fashion detailed pieces quickly as there is no drying time and firing can be done in the kitchen oven. These pieces are primarily decorative – mirrors, picture frames, Christmas ornaments, and tiles.

In 2013 I was drawn to my husband’s wood working shop where I started to fashion organic boxes made from wood we had saved when we cleared for a llama pasture. I enjoy the soft lines I have been able to achieve, but I do not enjoy the sanding. Not leaving my clay roots behind, I fashioned handles from my usual clay.