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Richard Hammer

The last time I put a resume together it included such disparate career choices as: Masonry Contractor (Winona Lake, Indiana), Head of Maintenance at a Christian camp... more

Lea Foster

By day, I serve as the Director of Radiation Oncology Services for Faith Hope and Love Cancer Center in Lafayette, Indiana. My husband Jerry was the one that sparked my... more

Rona Schwarz

I’m Rona Schwarz, a fine-art photographer based in West Lafayette, Indiana. I’ve always had a strong interest in art and design, and a love of nature and... more

Al Knight

I enjoy photographing and then simply presenting reminders of places travelled and objects from earlier times. My work has emerged from photographing far-away places to... more

David Elmore

David has been photographing people and landscapes for over 50 years. He retired from teaching and research in Physics at Purdue in 2008, and since then has expanded... more