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How to hang your mounted prints

Where to hang your prints

Hanging your prints

  • All hardware you need for hanging is included.
  • Tools: Hammer, level, and tape measure.
  • Hang your prints in a dry place out of the sun.
  • Picture walls are easy when we include the fasteners on the back.

It is best to choose a location away from high humidity and direct sunlight. Be sure the house is not left unheated in cold and damp weather, and don’t leave prints outside or in vehicles any longer than necessary. Having said all this, there is no need to be paranoid about exposing your prints in normal settings. The coating on the front and the MightyCore board on the back of our prints will protect them from all but the worst conditions.

Hanging Box mount, Gallery wrap, or Floating mount prints

Prints come with a wire hanging loop on the inside back of the mounting and a hook and nail. The standard height for prints is centered 60 inches from the floor so mount the hook about 64 inches from the floor as described in your Certificate of Authenticity. After hanging, place a small level on top to get it straight.

For small prints we recommend that you use a 3M Command picture hanger since these won't damage your wall when removed.

How to hang your picture wall

When you order flat-mount prints, specify hook-loop coins for hanging. Your prints will then be provided with the hook coins on the back and loop coins in an envelope.  If you are concerned about the Velcro Coins removing paint, you should test one in a place where you will not notice any damage (extra loop coins are provided for this).

When the pictures arrive, lay them out on a table in your chosen configuration or place them on the floor below the hanging location. Wash your hands or wear gloves when handling the prints.  Mount the center picture first.  Measure from the room corners to determine where you want the center picture to go, and then make a light mark with a pencil at the location of one of the corners. Then attach a loop coin to each of the hook coins on the back of the print. Have a helper place a small level on top of the picture to keep it horizontal as you press the picture against the wall. For a tight fit that will help keep the print flat, press on the print at the location of each coin and at the same time push the print back and forth a little to help secure the hooks in the loops. For a closely-spaced picture wall we suggest a uniform separation of about half an inch.  You could hold a paperback book between the pictures as you mount them to keep the separation uniform.

How to change your picture wall

Remove the picture by pulling back with a steady and increasing force starting along one of the long sides until the hook coins separate from the loop coins.  The force required, although not small, should not damage the print.  If you do not want to replace the print, at this point you can remove each of the loop coins from the wall. If you have trouble removing them, use some heat such as from a hair dryer that will soften the adhesive. Now you are ready to install the new print.  If the new print is the same size, you should be able to reuse the loop coins on the wall.  Now place the picture on the wall, being careful to keep it level and evenly spaced from the other pictures.


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